Petrified of being ON stage?  No worries. There's lots you can help out with behind the scenes...

For every person on stage, there are at least three others who are contributing their behind-the-scenes talents to bring the show to life. We need YOU to help us make our shows a success.

Volunteers work with the SCS for many reasons. Some are high school students wanting to acquire volunteer hours, some are retired, and some do it for the love of theatre. Whatever your level of skill, we can use you.

Join us as a volunteer; you'll have have fun, meet new friends and maybe even learn something new by working on a theatre production!

Here are just some of the areas where we always need assistance:

music note16 Front of house and ushers
music note16 Costume construction
music note16 Light crew
music note16 Sound crew
music note16 Make-up and hair
music note16 Set construction
music note16 Set decoration
music note16 Consider becoming a board member
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  We'd love to hear from you!

See you back stage!







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